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KDH police crack down on aviation park issues

By Outer Banks Voice on March 15, 2022

Response includes stronger presence, possible criminal charges

(Kill the Devil Hills Police)

The “skate park” is one of the attractions of Aviation Park. (Photo credit: City of Kill Devil Hills)

Aviation Park is a park located in the center of Kill Devil Hills off Veterans Drive across from First Flight High School. Also known as “skate park,” “frog pond,” or “turtle pond,” Aviation Park is the city’s busiest public park. A fifth-mile trail around the pond is popular for fitness enthusiasts and casual walkers. Mary’s Paws Park, the fenced-in dog park, sees dozens of two- and four-legged visitors every day. The skate bowl is one of the largest and most popular in Dare County. All of these amenities and more are publicly funded and free for all to enjoy.

Over the past three months or so, incidents of disorderly conduct, vandalism, arson and other criminal mischief have occurred regularly at Aviation Park, resulting in damages of more than $2,500. The cumulative effect of these incidents has diminished the enjoyment of the park for many people, created an unsafe atmosphere, and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in repairs and labor. There are security cameras in the park, but the perpetrators of these incidents know all the blind spots and the cameras cannot be placed in the public restrooms where most of the damage occurs. To date, the City’s more passive mitigation efforts, such as signage and securing restroom doors during problematic hours, have not helped resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, this means that a more proactive stance on the part of the police department in enforcing public nuisance ordinances is needed to resolve the issue. Effective immediately, plainclothes officers will visit the park regularly. Uniformed officers will conduct more foot patrols in the area. Anyone, including students/minors, who are observed violating the law will be banned from Aviation Park for up to one year and may possibly face criminal charges. This includes, but is not limited to, offenses such as underage possession of tobacco, general tobacco use, vaping, littering, property damage, disorderly conduct, and fighting. Park rules, such as designated areas for skateboards and the use of equipment in the children’s play area by people over 12, will also be enforced and violators will be banned from the park. .

Aviation Park is owned and operated by the City of Kill Devil Hills and the City reserves the right to restrict access to places and persons within the park at any time through its agents. The Department encourages anyone who witnesses acts of destruction, vandalism, or disorderly behavior to call Dare Central’s non-emergency number at (252) 473-3444 and have an officer respond.


815 Commercial Park Road
Box 454
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965,
Case No. 21CV148
106 Charlotte Street
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 27948


To each person named above as a defendant:
You are hereby notified that the plaintiff named above Creative Finance, Inc., by its attorney, Christopher M. Kern, has commenced a lawsuit or other legal action against you.
Within forty (40) days of February 21, 2022, you must respond with a written request for a copy of the Complaint. The request should be sent or delivered to the court, whose address is: Clerk of Circuit Court, Adams County Courthouse, 402 Main Street, PO Box 220, Friendship, Wisconsin 53934, and to the plaintiff’s attorney, Christopher M. Kern , 815 Business Park Road, PO Box 454, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, 53965. An attorney can help or represent you.
If you do not provide an appropriate response within forty (40) days, the Court may enter judgment against you for an award of money or other legal action sought in the Complaint, and you may lose your right to object to anything that is or may be incorrect in the Complaint. A judgment may be executed under the conditions provided by law. A judgment awarding a sum of money can become a lien on any real estate you currently own or in the future, and can also be enforced by garnishment or seizure of property.
As of February 21, 2022.
Plaintiff’s General Counsel
Signed by: Christopher M. Kern
Christopher M. Kern
Status bar number: 1093883
CreativeFinance, Inc.
815 Commercial Park Road
Box 454
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Phone: (608) 254-6855
Fax: (608) 253-5005
[email protected]



All interested parties are advised that the Commander of the Fifth Coast Guard District has received a proposal from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, with plans for modifying a
existing drawbridge over a United States waterway.

WATERWAY AND LOCATION: Alligator River, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Mile 84.2, in Columbia, North Carolina.

CHARACTER OF WORK: The proposed project is to replace the 2.83 mile long 2-lane swing-span drawbridge with a two-lane high-rise fixed bridge on a new alignment of approximately
2,000 feet north of the existing bridge. The objective of the project is to replace a bridge that is structurally deficient and undergoing significant deterioration, due to its age, and to avoid having to carry out
thorough maintenance of obsolete mining machinery.

The existing drawbridge has a horizontal clearance of 100 feet on each side of the swing span and a vertical clearance of 14 feet above mean high water in the closed position and unlimited vertical clearance in the open position. The replacement bridge will be a fixed bridge with a horizontal clearance of 140 feet and a vertical clearance of 65 feet above mean high water.

A copy of Preliminary Public Notice D05PPN-02-2022, which describes the proposal in detail, can be obtained by calling (757) 398-6222 or by visiting ?pageName=pnBridges . Comments on this proposal should be sent to the address indicated in the notice no later than April 01, 2022.

Those who do not speak English or who have a limited ability to read, speak or understand English can receive interpretation services upon request by calling 1-800-481-6494.
Aquellas personas no hablan inglés, o tienen limitaciones para leer, hablar o intender inglés, podrían recibir servicios de interpretación si los solicitan llamando al 1-800-481-6494.


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