These 16 Upstate New York Light Festivals Will Brighten Up Your Vacation


It wasn’t that long ago that the festival of lights driving was rare. Well that has all changed now and over 50 New York State communities have Christmas drive-thru events.

Here is a list of 16 that we particularly like. As you can see, these festivals take place in small communities (such as Morris, Round Lake, Harpursville and Macedon) and in large cities, such (Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, etc.)

Regardless of the size, it’s such an enjoyable experience to drive slowly through thousands of twinkling lights, listen to vacation music, and enjoy the surroundings from the comfort and warmth of your vehicle.

We hope you enjoy this list, which includes Hudson Valley light festivals in western New York City.

Brighten Up Your Vacation With These 16 Upstate “Festival of Lights”

It has become a holiday tradition for the whole family. Over 50 New York State communities have drive-thru Christmas light festivals that run (for the most part) through New Years. Great fun to ride in the comfort and warmth of your own. vehicle while admiring thousands of twinkling lights, animated figures and illuminated displays of local businesses. Here are some of the best. We hope you will check them all out!

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