This Ontario Town Offers Free Gift Cards And All You Have To Do Is Visit Local Places


Are you looking for a new Ontario city to explore and need a starting point? Or maybe you live near the city of Windsor and would like to get some free stuff while you explore.

Whatever the situation, Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI) allows you to make the most of your summer in the city by discovering or rediscovering new places. Over 100 locations in the area have joined the “My Happy Place” campaign and this leads to free gift cards from local businesses of your choice.

All you have to do is sign up for a digital pass, check in at local places, and collect points that add up to gift cards. There are also some surprise discounts along the way.

You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for this summer and all you need is your phone and a sense of adventure. Once you’ve signed up for your Mobile Passport, you can start visiting and checking in to your future favorite places in the city.

From breweries and pizzerias to farmers markets and paddle board rentals, you can have a summer full of epic adventures by racking up points. Each time you check in to a new location, a point is added to the list. Once you’ve accumulated 15 points, you can choose your $25 gift card or save up to $25 in points for a $50 gift card.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve earned enough points to collect rewards. Although the tourist board won’t divulge a list of places that also offer discounts and bonuses when you check in, they did give Narcity a hint at some of the freebies you might stumble upon.

Some sneaky discounts you can find are a free cannoli with pizza purchase, 10% or 15% off purchases, free ice wine tasting, tax savings, and a free slushie with your rental. It looks like you’ll have to start exploring to find out where you can grab these deals. According to TWEPI, about a third of participating companies offer these additional discounts or freebies.

They’ve also created handy routes so you can explore more easily and rack up points faster. The “On Island Time” itinerary is a visit to Pelee Island and if you visit all the places listed you will add eight points to your passport. Other itineraries include Wine and Dine, Mind Body & Soul, Cruise N’ Brews, and Summer in the City, among others.

The contest runs until October 31, 2022 and is sure to help you find new ways to enjoy the area. Have you found your happy place yet?

my happy place

Happy Face location markers at restaurants, kayak rivers, wineries and places around Windsor.


Price: Prices vary depending on the tour/activity

When: Contest closes October 31, 2022

Address: Windsor-Essex County, ON

Why you need to go: You can discover new places or visit some of your favorite spots in the Windsor area, checking in as you go to rack up points and hopefully find your happy place on the go of road.



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