Viktor Petrenko, Ukrainian Olympic skating champion, reprimanded by Zelenskyy


Viktor Petrenkothe 1992 Ukrainian Olympic champion in figure skating, had a monthly allowance withdrawn by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in part because Petrenko took part in a figure skating show in Russia in July.

On July 8, Petrenko took part in “The Scarlet Flower”, a figure skating show at the 2014 Olympic host Sochi hosted by the 2006 Olympic ice dance champion. Tatyana NavkaKremlin spokesman’s wife Dmitry Peskov.

Petrenko, 53, reportedly played the father of a character played by a 16-year-old Kamila Valievathe Russian skater who placed fourth at the Beijing Olympics amid a still unresolved revelation of a positive Christmas doping test.

On July 9, the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation revoked Petrenko’s membership and his role as vice-president.

“The former athlete made his shameful decision despite the large-scale bloody war that Russia is waging,” the federation said in a statement, according to a New York Times translation, adding that he played “in the same team as the partisans of this terrible war”.

Olympic and Paralympic medalists from Ukraine can receive lifetime stipends from the nation. These payments can be suspended or revoked in the event of departure to work abroad, in the event of sanction by a national or international sports federation or in the event of cessation of direct participation in the development of athletes.

Zelenskyy’s office announced on Monday that Petrenko had also stopped being involved in athlete development.

The most recent Instagram post on an unverified account tagged as Petrenko’s from Feb. 25 read “NO WAR.”

The following week, Petrenko was stranded in Kyiv after returning from a 30th anniversary commemoration of his Olympic title in his hometown of Odessa, according to The New York Times.

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