Warmer temperatures pose challenges for anglers keen to break the ice


With the recent warming of temperatures, ice fishermen have had a difficult start to the season.

With less than an inch of ice on the local bodies of water, fishermen eagerly await colder temperatures.

“Right ashore it’s probably about an inch, an inch and a half right now for a few hundred feet, but the water is open as far as the eye can see,” says Terry Goy, owner of Fish Hut Rentals in Innisfil.

While it’s nowhere near the recommended four inches, Goy’s phone still rings for those looking to book an ice shack rental. With a warm end to the year, Goy expects a shortened season, with plans to have his huts in Cooks Bay in early February.

Previous modeling from Environment Canada suggested temperatures would be above average this winter.

However, senior climatologist Dave Phillips says the modeling has changed – and these temperatures should be normal for the region.

“It won’t be a real freeze. I’ll say the first real ice fishing weather on Lake Simcoe and in many areas will be closer to the end of January than the middle,” Phillips said.

Each time the ice fishing season begins, anglers are reminded to make sure they have a valid fishing license before setting out on the ice.


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