Watch Alexandra Trusova’s Cruella Figure Skating Routine

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Alexandra Trusova almost set the rink on fire when she played Cruella de Vil for her women’s free skating performance at Skate America 2021 on October 24. Dressed in a dress embellished with rhinestones, red feathers and torn newspaper clippings as a nod to the iconic costumes of the fashionable villain, the Russian figure skater slipped across the ice to a haunting mashup of two songs from Cruel soundtrack of the film: “Call Me Cruella” by Florence + the Machine and “I Want Be Your Dog” by John McCrea.

Although nicknamed the “Quad Queen”, Trusova has avoided embarking on the series of quad jumps she typically attempts due to a minor foot injury she currently suffers from. Instead, she opened the routine with a single flawless quadruple lutz jump and then pulled off a dizzying series of triple jumps, which is still incredibly impressive. The performance ended up earning her gold in the women’s singles competition, with Daria Usacheva of Russia and You Young of South Korea placing second and third respectively.

Trusova has become very fond of on-ice tributes to badass women over the years. Back in 2019 at the Skate Canada competition, she paid tribute to Daenerys Targaryen with a Game Of Thrones-inspired by free skate, and she dressed up as Wonder Woman for a separate routine at Skate America 2021. Which fictional character will the 17-year-old athlete play next? Maybe Katniss Everdeen or Nakia from Black Panther?

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