What to do in Minneapolis: our guide to the culturally rich and always surprising metropolis of Minnesota



Here’s a list of things Minneapolis was known for before May 25, 2020: Prince, snow, fun accents, the Mall of America, more snow, missed playoffs, an epic State Fair and – that can’t be enough. pointed out – a lotta snow heckuva. But the night George Floyd died under Derek Chauvin’s knees, that event and the massive racial justice movement that followed was woven into the fabric of the city as well.

Lists, of course, never paint the full picture. Accents of golly-gee-willikers are rare, at least in the city proper. The Mall of America is technically in Bloomington, an entirely different city; ditto the Minnesota State Fair, which takes place in Falcon Heights. Buffalo, New York, gets twice as much snow as Minneapolis, but fewer sub-zero days. And yes, travelers to the Twin Cities will find a place still reeling from last year, but look again and they’ll also see an incredible outpouring of public art, young people united in protest and thousands of billboards. lawn rallying for a better future. .

Minneapolis and its sister city of St. Paul is culturally rich but historically charged. They are quite diverse, but deeply separated. They are incredibly complicated metropolises, just like anywhere with more than 4 million people living. But Minneapolis is also teeming with beautiful lakes, trails, bike paths and green spaces, world-class museums, progressive galleries, ambitious restaurants, inspired boutiques, and some of the friendliest people in Minnesota â„¢ you can find. you will meet all over America. The more you get to know it, the more questions you ask yourself and each layer you peel off reveals a new depth and dimension.

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Getting around and around Minneapolis

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, or MSP, has been considered one of the best airports in North America for years. You will understand why by browsing its terminals adapted for travelers. Is it an indoor play area? Yes it is. Are these massage chairs free? You bet. The spacious bathrooms at the airport even made Instagram video nothing less than Gayle King, who is a fan. MSP is a major hub for Delta and budget airline Sun Country Airlines, making it easily accessible from most US cities. Unless you’re attending a convention downtown, you’ll want to rent a car to get around the city, although in the spring, summer and fall it doesn’t get much better. that tooling along the 50 miles Grand Rounds Scenic Byway and its spectacular Chain of lakes on two wheels. (Self-service bicycle program Nice Ride Minnesota can help you with rentals.)

Minneapolis Art Institute

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What to do in Minneapolis

Travelers wishing to pay homage to George Floyd can leave flowers or messages of faith and hope at the makeshift 38th and Chicago Memorial, aka George Floyd Square, and visit the grim “Say They Names Cemetery” in the valley. grassy at 37th and Parking. The impactful installation by artists Anna Barber and Connor Wright includes over 100 headstones – each imprinted with the name, date, place of death and the words “Rest in Power” – of black Americans who have died at the hands of police . Then head to the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum (MAAHM) in North Minneapolis; exhibits at the small gallery dissect both historical (the horrific century-old lynchings in Duluth, Minnesota) and contemporary (the importance of church hats in the African-American community).



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