Worcester’s $ 2 million Crompton Park skateboard park kicks off

WORCESTER – Construction of the new $ 2 million skateboard park at Crompton Park is about to start.

Robert C. Antonelli Jr., deputy commissioner of public works and parks, said the project started a few weeks ago.

An inauguration ceremony will be held on November 16 at 3 p.m. at the park, at the corner of rue Endicott and avenue Quinsigamond.

A master plan has been approved for the Crompton Park skate park in Worcester.  Work should begin this summer.

“We have done some initial legwork on the site, fenced off the location of the skate park, as well as other amenity areas that we need to put in place,” said Antonelli. “So you will see some work on the site going on. We’re going to push forward some basic development. And, then, the real push and the real goal will be in March – early April – depending on the weather and temperature. This will be when the real impetus will begin for what we will see as a community, the development of the skate park.

Antonelli said they were preparing to build the stormwater management elements of the park.

“These are required on the basis of our approval from the Conservation Commission,” said Antonelli. “So we design them as the first item to be completed so that when we’re done with the whole job, for all intents and purposes, they’ve had time to grow up and be able to settle down so we don’t. not. impacting the environmental side later or not completing something that could cause a future problem.

Antonelli said the majority of the concrete walls and what they call the “skate areas” of the skate park won’t be finished until spring.

“We made a conscientious decision based on our design team’s recommendation to postpone any concrete pour that would be weatherable locations until spring, when we can be better assured of the proper weather conditions for that,” said Antonelli. . “We don’t want to go in and start playing with concrete and doing all these things that can somehow harm what we’re trying to build here.”

The new park will include a variety of rails, bowls and ramps, as well as pedestrian lights and security cameras, Antonelli said.

There is $ 2 million in investment funds for the project in the FY2021 budget, which should be enough to cover the skatepark, Antonelli said. The project was put out to tender in late summer / early fall.

The master plan provides for the possibility of a second phase. The next phase is dependent on available funding and cannot continue until the additional upgrades to the Crompton Park athletic fields are completed.

“This (the second phase) cannot be done until we have done the ball fields that are currently there,” said Antonelli.

Reading-based engineering and design firm Weston & Sampson is the skateboard park project consultant, while its sub-consultant is Chandler, Arizona-based skatepark design firm Pillar Design Studio.

“We really tried to make sure we took whatever the residents wanted and the youth groups were looking for and really trying to fit in as much as possible,” said Antonelli. “I think we’ve really been able to come up with a design that meets as many needs as possible and that has been done by someone very well known in the industry, Pillar Design. “

Emphasizing that the completion of the skate park depends a lot on the weather, Antonelli predicts that the project will be completed in late August / early or mid-September.

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