Young hockey midfielder Upasana Singh aims to medal for India at the Olympics


Bengaluru: Upasana Singh, 21, has made great strides in the world of hockey and she is aiming to represent India at the Olympics.
The young midfielder, who was part of the national team for the 2021/22 FIH Pro League matches against the Netherlands in 2022, started playing the sport at the age of 11, when she was studying in Agra. “I have always been interested in sports. I started with cricket at first, but on the suggestion of my coach, I switched to hockey,” Upasana said. During the Diwali season, Upasana was injured by a girl she was playing with.
“Because of the injury I suffered, I became even more determined to pursue hockey and decided to pursue the sport with dedication,” she added.
While receiving support from her parents, Upasana was questioned by her neighbors about her decision to pursue hockey. “At that time, few people knew about women’s hockey. Today, the situation has completely changed. With our team’s recent performances over the past decade and our achievements, hockey has become a well-known sport and even my family members now want their daughters to become hockey players,” Upasana said.
Upasana moved to the Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy in 2013 and started her career at the National Junior Championships in 2013 as she helped her team win the silver medal. In 2016, Upasana made her senior national debut and once again helped her team win the silver medal.
“I was quite young back then. Playing nationals gave me the chance to develop my game and learn a different skill set back then,” she said.
In 2018, Upasana got his first opportunity to be part of Junior’s camp. In 2021, she was first called up for India senior women’s hockey team camp and was named among the likely 60-member squad in January 2022.
Currently back at the Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy preparing for the upcoming National Games, Upasana said his dream is to represent India one day and stand on the Olympic podium.
“Like any other hockey player, I want to represent my country and wear the India jersey. My dream is to one day stand on the Olympic podium and make the nation proud,” she signed. (ANI)


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